Nomadic's Dahon Visc SL9 - 349/305

Wheel Size - ISO: 16" - 349 iso

Visc SL with with upgraded 349 iso Velocity Aeroheat Rear Wheel (Cloud White)

We have modified Dahon's Visc SL to with a rebuilt Velocity Aeroheat (349 ISO size) rear wheel and added a more compact Shimano Capreo Derailleur. These two changes evolve the Visc SL/349 to become, we feel, the ultimate urban rocket and business traveling accessory.

We have modified Dahon's Visc SL changing the rear wheel size to 349 ISO size and added a more compact Shimano Capreo Derailleur. These two changes evolve the Visc SL/349 to become an urban rocket in pocket form.

Our rationale for changing the rear wheel was simple. We wanted the best performing, finely outfitted compact folding bike. Moreover, we wanted the "nearly right" original from Dahon to not do wheelies so easily.

In the Bike's original design, which was outfitted with two "305 iso wheel size" (a smaller 16" size than our new 349 rear wheel), the seat post angle was too great (flat) - and the seat in a tall position, extended to a position where the center of balance was almost over the rear wheel. In a higher seat position, a little pull on the handlebar, especially when climbing a small hill, and the bike could literally jet from under you.

Besides that "small problem" the Visc SL is an incredibly cool bike. Very well outfitted, light, compact and fun. I had one of these myself and I thought about the balance issue. I realized that that increasing the size of the rear wheel to 349 size could address the balance/wheely subject. When I built the first on, everything fit and the impact was really wonderful.

Most importantly, it simply made the bike ride and feel better.

Changing the rear wheel made the bike much more stable, and also made it faster, as the wheel is part of the gearing, and more ground is covered with every revolution of the wheel.

Structurally, the more vertical seat post angle is is also better for the seat post itself. It puts less bending stress on the seat post.

Our rationale for changing the derailleur was focused upon the very compact nature of the Visc SL. The Shimano Capreo is a made to purpose high performance derailleur specially made for small wheeled bikes. It's design is very compact and, specifically, it does not hang low to the ground as larger/longer derailleurs will do, especially on 16 inch wheel sizes.

The original Rear Brakes could be used with brake adapters that are also used on BMX bikes to increase 20" wheel sizes from 406 to 451 sizes. Everything fit and the bike remains packable in the right (and legal) sized suitcase without removing rear or front wheels.

Fitting means no over-size charges and no hassle setups. With the SL/349 you can visit the world's great places and get around with comfort and style when you arrive. It also means you can pack and unpack your bike with extreme speed and use it without hesitation, and pack at the last minute if you need.

These details compliment the other great features of the Visc SL. Rear Shimano Capreo Hub and Cassette 9- High quality Kore Seatpost and Seat, FSA Gossamer Crankset, High Pressure Comet tires (both 349 iso rear, and 305 iso front), Ergon Grips, MKS EZY quick release pedals.

Wheels are outfitted with fast matching Primo Comet tires on the 16" 305 /349 platform, plus the wonderful Capreo Derailleur gear set and rear hub. The Visc SL9 349 rides well and is remarkably easy to travel and explore the world with.

As built, the Visc SL/349 weighs a remarkable 21 pounds.
Nomadic Inc. 811 South Sherman St. Longmont, CO 80503 phone: 303-581-0933

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Brand Dahon
Wheel Size - ISO
16" - 349 iso

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Nomadic's Dahon Visc SL9 - 349/305

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