Vitesse D3- fast travel take-a-part with Samsonite Suitcase

Vitesse D3- fast travel take-a-part with Samsonite Suitcase

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This is a very special Vitesse D3 which we have modified to allow dissasembly of front and back to fit in the included Samsonite Suitcase. Our system leaves the rear wheel (and SRAM 3 Speed Hub) mounted to the frame together with chain and cabling in place. This greatly simplifies your ability to pack and unpack and use your bike all without needing put your mechanic's bib on.

The Vitesse D3 is a tremendous bikeand about the simplest multi geared bike to maintain and use on a day to day basis.

Built on the same frame platform as our Vitesse I7 (as well as Mariner and Formula bikes) the Vitesse D3 varies in 2 ways. The Internal Hub 3 speed platform (from SRAM) has a very wide and effective range of gears. Low for climbing, Mid for most of your riding, and High for high speed runs.

The second variation is the inclusion of a rear Coaster Brake rather than linear pull-brake. I had coaster brakes on 2 different bikes when I was young and they are truly a joy to use and are super responsive.

Benefits from these details. The Internal Hub is very easy to maintain and is not exposed to knocks that can occur in frequent commuting situations. Same goes for the brake setup. Adjustment is seldom needed, braking mechanics are very durable and reliable over the long haul. (Front linear pull brake is included in the package).

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